The Gerber Baby Contest

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This post will provides you with in-depth insights to the most anticipated baby photo contest annually known as the Gerber PHOTO Search.

cutest kid contest

If you're looking for information about the Gerber's PHOTO Search then you're at the right place. The a look at the following pages.

The Baby Contest:

Gerber Baby Contest
A comprehensive guide and jam packed with useful information to the Gerber baby contest. Learn what to expect on the next Photo Search.

The Winners & Prizes:

Gerber Baby Contest Winners
The Hall of Gerber Babies: This is where you find all the Gerber baby contest winners past and present.

The Rules:

Gerber Baby Contest Rules
The Gerber baby contest official rules archive. We do our best to saved these Gerber contest's rules.

The Gerber Baby:

Who is the Gerber baby?
Who is the Gerber baby? Things you don't know about the original Gerber baby. And now, the Gerber baby—she is all grown up and OLD.

cutest kid contest

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